Pattern Imprinted Concrete

An area that Smartdriveways specialises is the restoration of pattern imprinted concrete surfaces that are suffering from colour fade and general wear and tear.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways, patios and paths come in an amazing selection of patterns and surface colouration that can involve intricate designs and inserts to make them truly one off installations.

They are expensive to install and many homeowners or business owners often feel that the concrete, being such a hard wearing substrate, is totally maintenance free.  However over a period of time the surface will have the original sealant wear away and this erosion of the protective surface will soon start to initiate a loss of colour which in places can go back to the bare concrete surface.

Smartdriveways will initially pre-treat any oil leaks on the surface with our bio-degradable oil removal agent which in most cases removes most if not all of the oil stain. Once this has been effectively treated we will pressure wash the area to remove the build up of traffic film, dirt, moss and algae.

Once the site has been given time to dry out we can carry out a comprehensive repairs service to colour match any settlement cracks as well as any areas that have broken pieces of the pattern that may have suffered from frost damage etc we can once again colour match that repair as well. We get many calls to re-colour the concrete and for areas that have worn away to bare "white" patches these we treat with multi coat application of a colour matched sealer.  

Once the preparatory work has been completed we then apply a multiple application of a top quality acrylic sealant that we can apply in a selection of clear or colour matched finishes that will leave your pattern imprinted concrete in a superb as good as new condition. 

If you have a recently installed imprinted concrete surface that is already exhibiting  "flaking " of the surface and you cannot get the installation company back to resolve the issue then call us on 0800 2289155 and we will arrange to visit and discuss the options available to you. Alternatively please complete our on line enquiry form and we will call you back.

We clean, repair and re-colour pattern imprinted concrete surfaces in London, Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk including Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Norwich, Harlow Cheshunt and Enfield.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete image
Pattern Imprinted Concrete image
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